We are not only real estate investors who give fair offer for your property, buy it “as-is”, pay cash, close quickly without any agent fees and extra costs…

We are first of all open, honest and supportive human beings… We have had lots of ups and downs ourselves… We know there is ALWAYS a solution and often that solution comes with someone’s support! 

We do not only buy houses…. We do not only structure various real estate deals…
We also and MOSTLY support and connect people:

  • who own a property that seems to have become a burden,
  • who have liquid resources to invest in such properties and by doing so – give timely support to others, as well as develop their business fairly and honestly,
  • who are looking forward to moving to another page or chapter in their lives quickly and confidently,
  • who are in need of a partner that does not take advantage of them, transparently shows available directions and solutions, gives them confidence to set for their next journey in life.


We have 15+ years of extensive experience working in fast-paced corporate companies. We have held managerial positions leading different teams, medium- and large-scale projects with the involvement cross-functional teams and multiple 3-rd party vendors all over the world.

We are used to connecting people who think differently, talk different languages, often have conflicting interests… we enjoy bringing them all to the same ground, uniting them through common goals and creating win-win environment…

In 2019 when we decided to change the course of our lives and to focus on our own business initiatives, we knew that we have to find a business where one of the focal points of our system would supporting people and giving them another chance to move forward with confidence and justified hope. And that is exactly the reason why we considered dedicating our time to real estate investments.

Thus, Rectrix Investments was created.

Rectrix (pl. rectrices) – birds’ steering feathers helping them set and keep flight direction. We will help you see a direction… multiple directions to choose from when it comes to issues related to your real estate. Contact us NOW to find your direction and solution!


With 10+ years of senior project management in construction and 15+ years of cross-functional project management in finance, marketing and other functional areas we are confident to bring the quality of well-analyzed and planned and timely executed projects. With the complexity of the issues that we faced during the past 15+ years of our expertise, we have the gained the flexibility and agility to be able to structure deals that would benefit all players in any real-estate related situation.


From the very beginning of our communication with the local platers in real estate investments niche, we found out that not everyone wants to be honest, open and is willing to share information that would help one make well-analyzed and calculated decisions. That’s when we understood that our commitment to open, equal opportunity and accountable working ethics could be exactly what many sellers and investors are looking for. We don’t hide, we don’t exaggerate, we don’t make things to seem artificially complex. We build trust and partnership through transparency and accountability.


We have seen parts of the world where people struggle for everyday food and clothing, where people fight for their land, where any type of support is key for people to regain their hope, to continue fighting for a better future. Having seen all of these, we do believe that supporting people in critical situations is one of the most noble and rewarding experiences of all!

That is exactly why we are committed to dedicate our time to find and listen to people for whom their real estate ownership has created some burden or pain. Things happen: unpaid mortgage, liens, sudden divorce, unexpected or complicated inherited property, just a simple desire to get rid of the house quickly…. We are here to hear your story, tell about available options and make the best of our network and expertise and resources to help you out.

As a result of our support, we may also suggest investing into your property or involve other investors who will be ready to do so.

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